Briton fights to regain baby left in New York hotel


A British police officer has gone to court in New York to seek the return of her baby son, who was given to an LGBT-activist foster mother after he was found alone in a hotel.

Louise Fielden, 42, flew to Manhattan last April with now 14-month-old Samuel for a vacation that turned into a nightmare when hotel staff members reported her to child services for leaving her baby in her room, according to court papers.

She was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance — which turned out to be a codeine prescription for her slipped disks.

Her criminal case was thrown out on Monday, and she is now demanding her son’s return to England.

In a suit filed with a U.S. federal court in Brooklyn, Fielden accused the city of unlawfully retaining the child in the United States without her consent.

As a “devout conservative member of the Church of England” she alleged that the foster mother, Susan Sena, was an unsuitable caregiver because she is a pro-LGBT activist.

Fielden described it as “mind-boggling” that her son’s foster mother, whom she said goes by the nickname “Queen Hag,” had attended a pornography bingo party where a gay porn actor was a guest of honor.

A family judge has imposed an order of protection, and Fielden has asked for Samuel to be transferred to the care of a cousin in England while she appeals.

Meanwhile, she says she was forced to fly back to Britain Tuesday and return to work after racking up enormous bills fighting her criminal case, said her attorney, Andrew Spinnell.

Fielden said she had left the child alone in her room, sleeping in a travel cot, for around 30 minutes while she went downstairs to clean his water bottle.

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