Japanese businesses welcome golden lining in new climate agreement


Japanese businesses welcomed a new international climate change agreement adopted in Paris on Saturday as giving a lift to sales overseas of their energy-saving technologies and products.

The deal represents a very significant historical step because it involves all greenhouse gas emitters, Sadayuki Sakakibara, chairman of the Japan Business Federation, better known as Keidanren, said in a statement.

Japanese businesses pin high hopes on potential demand in developing countries for their advanced technologies to boost the energy efficiency of coal-fired thermal power plants.

Many developing countries, for example India and Indonesia, are highly reliant on coal-fired thermal plants as a major source of electricity. Rival companies in the United States and Europe are less interested in selling such technologies.

The Japanese government and businesses think promoting exports of domestically produced energy-saving technologies will contribute to global emissions reduction efforts.

Japan’s industrial sector has a goal of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 6.5 percent by 2030 from 2013 levels.

Under its fiscal 2008-2012 voluntary environment program, Keidanren set a goal of curbing the annual average of the industrial sector’s carbon dioxide emissions below fiscal 1990 levels.

It achieved a 12.1 percent reduction from fiscal 1990 levels, marking a bigger than expected improvement thanks to intensive efforts to boost production efficiency and energy saving.

The latest 6.5 percent reduction target is also achievable, a Keidanren official said.

  • kyushuphil

    I’m happy to see the Japanese take the initiative and get market share here.
    As an American living in the mountains of Kyushu these past seven years, I’ve continually had to groan as so many American climate change deniers and other forms of demented Republicans just grasp as hard as they can onto all the fossil fuel dregs of their world-destroying sprawl culture and humanity-dwarfing materialism.
    I would love to see as many Japanese firms as possible get the success they deserve in international markets to reverse the habits of my deluded fellow Americans.

  • Dear Corporate Japan. It is wake-up time. If we are to keep the 2°C target – and even more the 1½°C target aspired for in Paris – there will be very little need (and no carbon budget space) for any more coal plants. Please develop smart and efficient zero emissions technology and forget about coal. Even state of the art ultra supercritical coal burning technology is not anything near to clean energy – it is harassment to the agreement in Paris.

    • Richard Solomon

      I concur with Jens in hoping that energy related firms in Japan will direct their efforts towards then development of user friendly technologies for renewable forms of energy. With its outstanding record of technological advances Japan could lead its neighbors in Asia, and maybe other parts of the world as well, out of their over reliance on fossil fuels like coal. Come on, PM Abe, Ministers, and Keidanren roll up your sleeves and really get to work on these issues. This is a win-win for Japan and other countries, too!