Lesbian couple ‘wed’ amid calls to legalize same-sex marriage


A lesbian couple held a symbolic wedding ceremony Sunday as calls grow to legalize same-sex marriage.

While their marriage will not be recognized under law, actresses Ayaka Ichinose, 34, and Akane Sugimori, 28 — both dressed in white — reportedly tied the knot anyway in front of some 80 relatives and friends in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.

“We held the wedding ceremony so that it might become easier for others to do the same in the future,” Sugimori told the media afterward.

She added that they will try to register their marriage with a municipal office but expect the application to be rejected.

Last month, Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward Assembly voted to issue “partnership” certificates to gay couples, the first such recognition of same-sex unions in Japan. Other municipalities are considering doing the same.

The certificate will carry only symbolic significance, since the Constitution identifies marriage as a union based on the mutual consent of parties from “both sexes.” Some legal experts, however, say the supreme law only spells out equality between married partners and does not ban same-sex marriage per se.

Japan lacks legal protection for gay couples, who complain they can be prevented from visiting loved ones in hospitals or refused tenancy because such relationships are not officially recognized.

  • Eagle

    Utterly wrong. Same-sex, lesbians or gays should never marry. Why should when they cannot have children? Same sex parents should never raise kids.
    If it comes to family then the only family is the traditional one. There are things that should not be changed. The family is not a fad.

    • bomblol

      go away

    • nine

      Tradition is just habit, driven by the needs of the era in which that habit was necessitated.

      Times change, needs change, habits change. Calling something tradition is just an excuse not to confront one’s own fear of change.

    • Trevor Talbot

      Then why are the elderly and people who are impotent or barren allowed to marry?

    • Eagleisadumbass

      Eagle, if couples who can’t make children shouldn’t be married, then what about straight couples who either choose not to have children or for medical reasons cannot have children? Are they also “utterly wrong”? I can’t wait for your generation to die out.

    • Jamie Bakeridge


    • fun_on_tv

      So following your logic adults who can’t have children shouldn’t be allowed to get married. So people who are infertile, too old to have children etc can’t get married!
      Traditional family? What is a traditional family? A long time ago 14 year old children would get married to much older men. It was traditional. Do you want to go back to that kind of “traditional family”?
      Also in Thailand, some Muslims countries and in Utah multiple partners were allowed. That was traditional. Are you advocating it’s return?
      Stop hiding behind illogical arguments and admit you don’t like gays and lesbians.
      Before you mention religion think on. Not all religions have one God or a fix notion of marriage.

    • J.P. Bunny

      Always nice to know that some bit of the Dark Ages has survived. Hope you never fall in love with the “wrong” type of person.

    • http://nanchatte.wordpress.com Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen

      It is/was traditional to stone women to death for adultery… men? Not so much… Way to go tradition.

  • Jay

    Those are lesbians?! What a shame, they’re lovely.

  • Jamie Bakeridge

    They make a lovely couple – wishing them every happiness together. And great that they have chosen to publicize it – by famous people showing the normality of same sex marriage, this will help garner social acceptance and much needed administrative reform in local municipalities.

  • Eagle

    Hello everybody,
    Yesterday I posted a message that for some reason hasn’t appeared or just delays therefore I post it once more even adding a few new idea to it.

    I am awfully sorry I wrote my first post in haste and forgot to use quotation mark. What I wrote were actually the words of the two biggest gays in the world Dolce & Gabbana. My apologies.

    Read : “Biggest gays in the world Dolce & Gabbana say gays shouldn’t raise babies”
    One more quote from their interview.
    “It’s a bit perplexing. Dolce and Gabbana are gay, former lovers but they’re against gay marriage and against same sex parents raising kids.”

    Reading your replies and seeing the offensive answers I would like to remind you that everybody’s human rights and freedom of speech should be respected, including gays. Dolce & Gabbana bravely risked their business (they are fashion designers for gays) making their statement. Proved not only their taste, (very successful designers) but their moral stand too.

    Alternatively, it might be that they saw it clearly that if LGTB movement becomes a political movement fostering too much attention, it might as well become obnoxious for the wider layer of the societies, creating unwanted controversial result, therefore it’s better step on the brake in time.

    They suffered many insults from the LGTB after their statement that clearly proved the fanatic and uncivilized nature of many of the critics from the LGTB where even their very own members are discriminated if they dare to have their own individual view and opinion. That is a very sad and dangerous thing and this is a problem, not being a gay.

    My previous post contained a link to the report, as soon as it goes through the moderation you can read it.

  • Jae Hwan Jung

    Healthy “homosexuality” I like it! The right woman is cute.

  • Edward Himsel

    Sadly, Japan is a rather conservative country legally speaking, and many of their laws remain virtually unchanged from the ones implemented by the US-led coalition just after the end of WWII. And of course, at the time, the Americans wanted to keep Japanese people in Japan, White people in white people countries, and gay people in the closet…

  • CLJF

    Do the majority of posters here realize the irony of their hurling around of the label “bigot” at those who don’t ascribe to their opinions/line of thinking?