Man arriving at Tokyo’s Haneda airport tested for Ebola

Kyodo, Staff Report

A man in his 40s who arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda airport Monday after spending two months in Liberia was found to have a fever, and officials decided to check him for Ebola, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said.

The result of the blood test at a Tokyo research facility will be known early Tuesday, the officials said.

The man, reportedly a 45-year-old journalist whose name was not released, was transported to the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Shinjuku Ward. The blood test was conducted at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo.

According to NHK, the man was in Liberia from August to Oct. 18. He arrived at Haneda via Belgium and Britain, NHK reported.

He was running a fever of 37.8 degrees when he was at Haneda, but he did not report any other health problems. NHK quoted a health ministry source as saying they had no information that he was ever in contact with any Ebola patients in Liberia.

The ministry has been asking all entrants at 30 airports around Japan if they have been in any of the West African countries, such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, that have been hit by the recent Ebola outbreak.

In a separate move, Cabinet ministers plan to meet Tuesday morning to discuss possible Ebola-related measures.

  • Gordon Graham

    Shouldn’t they be testing the entire plane?

  • Shepard

    Maybe the should. But unless he pucking on everyone they should all be okay.

  • Enzo G

    his name is Norimitsu Onishi from NY Times – korean decent Japanese canadian.

  • rossdorn

    I just hope the specialists for this are not the same as the ones that worked on the Fukushima problem….

    He was moved from Haneda all the way to Shinjuku. I wonder who was in charge of cleaning the ambulance…

    If that virus “wants” to take over the world, then overcrowded Tokyo would be the best place to start.

  • Miki

    Actually a fever of 37.8 isn’t that bad. Ebola is way higher than that. The man probably has malaria.