Death toll from Hiroshima landslides jumps to 60

Kyodo, JIJI

The death toll from the devastating landslides in the city of Hiroshima rose Tuesday to 60, with 26 people still missing as rescuers continued the search for possible survivors.

In the morning, rescuers including firefighters and Self-Defense Forces personnel worked mainly in Asaminami Ward, where several more residents are feared to have perished.

About 1,600 people remained in shelters in Asaminami and Asakita wards a week after torrential rains triggered the disaster.

The Hiroshima Municipal Government’s disaster management center earlier disclosed the names of 28 missing people as an emergency measure to speed up work to locate them.

In the heavily affected wards of Asaminami and Asakita, the landslides occurred at a combined 50 sites, prefectural officials said. The city estimated the landslides had totaled some 500,000 cu. meters.

The search and rescue operation involving some 3,400 police, SDF and firefighting personnel has been suspended occasionally due to rain and signs of additional landslides.