Mystery thickens in Thai surrogacy case involving Japanese man


Some 10 days after the unusual case of numerous surrogate children believed to be fathered by a 24-year-old Japanese businessman came to light in Thailand, the mystery about why he needs to father so many children only deepened amid the lack of evidence of criminality.

The man, who is believed to be the father of at least 16 surrogate babies in Thailand, has said that he wanted to father 10-15 babies each year and that his plan was to have a total of 100 to 1,000 children.

The man is said to be a wealthy businessman and his lawyer reportedly said the man wanted to have children who can inherit his assets.

Thai police are investigating the case with an eye on the possibility of charging the Japanese man with human trafficking or other crimes.

However, a Thai police executive said that at the moment there is insufficient evidence to prove the man’s guilt.

Some say the Japanese man’s motive is to lighten the burden of inheritance taxes, but this still remains a matter of speculation.

According to Mariam Kukunashvili, a cofounder of reproductive medical service provider New Life Global Network, which introduced two surrogate mothers to the Japanese man last year, the man jokingly said he wanted run in an election when a staff member of the organization asked him why he wanted to have so many children.

When a different staff member asked the same question, the man said that life is short and that the best thing he can do in this world is to father many babies and leave many children after he dies, according to Kukunashvili.

She also said the Japanese man was eager to buy a device to freeze and preserve his own sperm at his home so that he can secure good-quality sperm to continue having children even after he gets old.

Noting that the top priority is the safety of the surrogate children, a Thai police executive urged the Japanese man to submit himself for questioning so that he can explain why he needs so many children and in the process prove his innocence.

DNA tests have found that 12 out of the 16 children have the same biological father but it has not been confirmed whether the Japanese man is the father.

Police in Thailand said they have received word from an individual close to the businessman that the remaining four children, who have been taken to Cambodia from Thailand by the man, are safe. The individual said that the four children are in Phnom Penh and that visits by Thai authorities for on-site investigations are welcome.

  • Max Erimo

    There is very little on this story in the mainstream Japanese media and whenever it is mentioned, like this story, it stresses that their is no evidence of criminality.
    Of course no Japanese media outlet wants to report a story where a Japanese national may be a criminal.
    In several articles in the foreign press, it has been reported that the Japanese man in question holds several passports.
    Is this not a crime or very close to it. I believe that Japanese people once they turn twenty can only hold citizenship of one country. Does not that mean he would be in violation of Japanese law.
    The Japanese media should be digging and asking the hard questions.
    Alas that is a dream. Never expect real reporting from Japanese media. Sorry to say it, but that includes the Japan Times.