Japanese man reportedly planned to have as many as 1,000 surrogate children


The 24-year-old Japanese man suspected of fathering at least 15 children in Thailand using surrogate mothers reportedly said last year that he wanted 100 to 1,000 children.

The man talked about his hopes with staff at New Life Global Network, Mariam Kukunashvili, a cofounder of the organization, said Thursday.

The group provides reproductive medical services in Thailand, Georgia and other countries.

Kukunashvili confirmed that the network introduced two surrogate mothers to the man. They gave birth to three children, including a pair of twins, last year.

It was learned later that the man was trying to have three more children elsewhere. Kukunashvili said she has never met the man, but he told staff at her organization that he wanted to have 10 to 15 babies a year and that his plan was to have a total of 100 to 1,000 children.

The man asked the network to introduce him to more surrogate mothers, she said.

According to her, the man said, “The best thing I can do for the world is to leave many children.”

Kukunashvili said she refused to introduce any more surrogate mothers to the man after she became suspicious.

In August last year, Kukunashvili emailed the man to express her concerns. She received a reply from his lawyer saying that he has a legal right to have as many children as he wants.

Kukunashvili said she reported the man to the Japanese Embassy in Georgia and Interpol via email. In a return message, an official at the embassy in Tbilisi told her that she should wait until Interpol responds, according to Kukunashvili.

The man reportedly told New Life Global Network staff that he has passports of 10 countries, including Japan, Cambodia and China. He showed some of the passports to the staff, according to Kukunashvili.

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  • Dave Kramer

    This clinic sells such children more than this , They hire journalist to
    write what they want then you see all comments are closed Why? Because
    people say truth about this clinic who has terrible attitude toward
    patients , This interview was ordered only because to blame others
    instead of taking responsibility of what they are doing , they ignore
    other journalists who question them about what they hide … They have
    strong Lobby in ex Government ..