Nursing care services users set sixth straight yearly high, topping 5.66 million


The combined number of users of nursing care and preventive care services in Japan in fiscal 2013 rose by 229,900 from the previous year to 5,660,500, hitting a record high for the sixth straight year, government data showed on Thursday.

In the 12 months ending in March, nursing care users stood at 4,553,600, up by 168,400. There were 1,430,400 preventive care users, up 88,400, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Some used both services.

As of April, monthly service costs per user stood at ¥157,200, down ¥400 from a year before, according to the ministry.

By prefecture, Okinawa had the highest nursing care service costs, at ¥211,900, followed by ¥205,300 in Ishikawa and ¥205,000 in Tottori. Okinawa also had the highest preventive care service costs, at ¥43,500, followed by ¥43,200 in Fukui and ¥42,800 in Tottori.