Boy dies in Nagano mudslide, after record downpour


A boy was killed in a mudslide caused by torrential rain in Nagiso, Nagano Prefecture, on Wednesday, local police and firefighters said.

According to the prefectural government and other authorities, the mudslide occurred at a tributary of the Kiso River in the late afternoon, swallowing two houses nearby.

The Nagano police and firefighters said that four residents of one of the houses — a mother and her three sons — were found buried and were taken to a hospital.

The mother and two of the sons were rescued without serious injuries but the other boy, believed to be the 12-year-old eldest son, was confirmed dead after suffering cardiac arrest, they said.

The Nagano regional meteorological observatory said 70 mm of rain fell on Nagiso in an hour, a record amount for July, around the time of the slide.