Leap kills Chiba mom, three kids; suicide probed


Police said Monday they were investigating a possible family suicide after a mother and her three small children plunged to their deaths from an apartment complex in Yachiyo, Chiba Prefecture.

The bodies of the 35-year-old woman and three youngsters — two boys aged 7 and 2, and a girl aged 6 — were found Saturday near the entrance of the 14-story building, a police spokesman said.

“They are believed to be a mother and her children,” he said. Asked if it appeared to be a forced family suicide, he said: “Police are investigating the case with that possibility under consideration.”

The Yomiuri Shimbun said the mother’s body was found on the ground, with the two older children on top of the entrance roof, while the 2-year-old was found in the branches of a nearby tree.

  • Ron NJ

    If by forced suicide you mean murder, then yes.

    • Charlie Sommers

      It is a shame when someone is disillusioned about life to the point that they feel they must cause there own demise but it is tragedy when they feel they must take others with them.

      RIP dear children.

    • Gordon Graham

      Ron could care less about these people. He just wants the crime numbers to go up to facilitate his tired argument.