Pakistan brothers imprisoned for eating dead baby


A Pakistani court on Wednesday sentenced two brothers to 11 years in jail for eating a dead baby in a case that has shocked the country, a year after they were freed over a similar offense.

Farman Ali and his brother, Mohammad Arif, were arrested in April after police discovered the head of a 2-day-old infant at their home. The child’s corpse had been dug up from a graveyard in the brothers’ home village of Darya Khan, around 300 km south of Islamabad.

The pair, who are in their late 30s, had prepared and eaten a curry from the child’s remains, police said.

They had previously been arrested for eating human corpses in the same village in 2011 and had served two years in prison, during which time they were treated by psychiatrists, police said.

“The anti-terrorist court today sentenced them each to 11 years and four months of hard labor,” Shakir Hussain Dawar, a district police officer said.

The court found them guilty of desecrating a corpse, concealing evidence and acts of terror. Mian Muhammad Rizwan, a public prosecutor, confirmed the details of the court’s verdict.

The court also recommended that the government outlaw cannibalism, Dawar said.

In the 2011 case, police found the body of a 24-year-old woman at the men’s house that had similarly been disinterred from a graveyard. One of the woman’s legs was missing. It was subsequently established the brothers had eaten it.

Police said the brothers’ wives and family members had fled from them years ago, and that they were now sharing a house and living in isolation.