Woman held in China over nurse’s body shipped to Tokyo as a ‘doll’


A Japanese-Brazilian woman who is being detained in China after allegedly leaving Japan using a passport bearing the name of a woman whose corpse was found in a Tokyo storage locker, had been staying in Japan illegally, investigative sources said on Wednesday.

The 29-year-old, whose name was not disclosed, turned herself in to the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai on Tuesday. She was detained by local police for a suspected immigration offense, the sources said.

Police in Japan have issued an arrest warrant for the woman, alleging she used a passport with her own photo but with information pertaining to the dead woman. They are expected to seek her extradition.

The body of nurse Rika Okada, 29, was recently found in a self-storage locker in the western Tokyo district of Hachioji. Investigators also found the box in which her body had been shipped from Osaka. The bill for the locker’s short term rental was paid using Okada’s credit card.

The delivery service that transported the package — marked with the Japanese word for “doll” — was paid in Okada’s name, but the delivery form for the package allegedly bore the Japanese-Brazilian woman’s cellphone number and was directed to her address in Hachioji.

The package reportedly weighed more than 50 kg, and the Japanese-Brazilian woman told delivery personnel she was sending a clay figure, the sources said.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, had attended the same elementary school as Okada. She is believed to have lived with a Chinese woman a few hundred meters from the storage locker where Okada’s body turned up.

Both women flew out of Tokyo’s Haneda airport on the same flight to Shanghai in early May, according to the sources.

Okada was last seen March 21. Just before she went missing, she wrote on her Facebook page that she was going to meet an old friend whom she had not seen in a decade.