Haneda airport sees stimulant seizures soar


The amount of stimulant drugs seized at Tokyo’s Haneda airport has grown sharply since it started accepting international flights in October 2010, customs data show.

A total of 35.7 kg of stimulants were seized at Tokyo International Airport in the first 10 months of 2013, sharply up from 14.5 kg in all of 2012 and 12 kg in 2011, Tokyo Customs said.

Many of the stimulant smuggling cases originated in South Asia, including India, in 2013. Cannabis, heroin and the synthetic drug MDMA have also been seized since the airport was opened to international flights, the customs office said.

The Metropolitan Police Department is thinking of beefing up the number of investigators at Haneda to brace for a further increase in drug smuggling cases, sources said.

The airport offers regular international flights connecting 17 cities in 13 countries and regions.

Annual international daytime landing slots at the airport are scheduled to double to 600,000 at the end of March.