Aug 16, 2016

Japan to require stricter monitoring of airline pilots' health

Commercial airlines operating in Japan will be required from January to employ a doctor to monitor the health of pilots and other crew members, according to transport ministry officials. The decision was prompted by the 2015 crash of a budget airline jet in the ...

Aug 16, 2016

Heavy rain forecast as typhoon threatens Kanto, Tohoku, Hokkaido

A typhoon was expected to pummel eastern and northern Japan on Wednesday, the Meteorological Agency said Tuesday. Typhoon Chanthu was forecast to bring thunderstorms and heavy rain, the agency said, cautioning the public to prepare for strong winds and flooding. Up to 250 mm ...

Aug 16, 2016

Taiwan-related groups call Japan's Okinotorishima 'rocks'

Taiwan-related individuals and organizations are disputing Japan’s claims that Okinotorishima in the Pacific Ocean are islands. In an opinion ad published in Monday’s issue of Express, The Washington Post’s free daily, they said “rocks” such as Okinotorishima “cannot sustain human life” and should therefore ...