Japanese Pearl Harbor attack map fetches $425,000 at U.S. auction


A post-battle Japanese damage assessment map of the Pearl Harbor attack was auctioned for $425,000 by Christie’s in New York on Friday.

The hand-drawn colored map, measuring 80 cm by 60 cm, was prepared by Mitsuo Fuchida, lead pilot of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack, and is inscribed with the warning: “Top Secret.”

According to a description by Christie’s based on Fuchida’s memoirs, the map was used for his briefing of Emperor Hirohito on Dec. 26 that year.

The map shows the names of damaged U.S. warships and the numbers of bombs and torpedoes used, with assessments on the degree of damage they sustained on a four-point scale ranging from “minor” to “sunk.”

Fuchida, who led the first wave of attackers, sent the radio signal “Tora! Tora! Tora!,” indicating the success of the sudden assault.

After being in the possession of a U.S. historian, the map was added to the Malcolm S. Forbes Collection in New York.