A lot of economic hope riding on 2020 Olympics: BOJ


Communities around Japan expect the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and other major developments in the country to boost tourism and personal spending, according to a new Bank of Japan survey.

Tokyo, Nagano, Hyogo and Chiba prefectures in particular are pinning high hopes on the Olympic Games, the survey shows.

Tokyo, Okinawa and Chiba prefectures all project a rise in the number of tourists thanks to eased visa requirements for travelers from Southeast Asia and more flights by low-cost carriers.

High expectations in Nagano Prefecture are based on hosting the Winter Olympics in 1998 and the planned launch of bullet-train services between Nagano Station and Kanazawa Station in Ishikawa Prefecture in March 2015.

Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures pointed out that the registration of 3,776-meter Mount Fuji as a UNESCO World Heritage site in June will increase tourists and the launch of new businesses, mainly in the services sector, the survey found.