Cyber, sea defense to get upgrade


A government panel has outlined a medium- to long-term security strategy that calls for stronger maritime and cyberspace defense.

The outline, released Monday, identifies an increase in China’s influence and provocative acts by North Korea as key security challenges facing Japan.

“Proactive pacifism” as advocated by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is the basis of the strategy, according to the panel chaired by Shinichi Kitaoka, president of the International University of Japan.

The proactive pacifism concept, in which Japan would make more contributions to world peace, has drawn support from leaders of many countries, Abe told a meeting of the panel.

The strategy is expected to cover the coming decade. The outline calls for a stronger alliance with the United States and deeper cooperation with countries sharing basic values with Japan.

The outline calls on Japan to participate actively in U.N. collective security and consider reviewing the ban on arms exports.