Ajinomoto to up Hondashi price; first rise since ’90


Ajinomoto Co. said Thursday it will raise prices of its Hondashi bonito-based seasoning by 6 to 7 percent for the first hike since 1990.

The markup will start with shipments on Jan. 4, the major seasoning maker said. Hondashi is one of the firm’s mainstay products.

Ajinomoto decided on the price hike because its bonito procurement costs are increasing following a rise in global demand for the fish and the weakening of the yen.

Bonito prices in the first half of this year were up some 50 percent compared with the same period in 2007, the company said.

After the price hike, the retail price of a 120-gram pack of Hondashi can be expected to rise to about ¥455 from the current level of around ¥430.

For some Hondashi products, the size will be reduced while their shipment prices will be kept unchanged. The 320-gram pack will be reduced to 300 grams, meaning its price will effectively go up by about 7 percent.