Two Rouhani protesters arrested


Two people were arrested following the protests that greeted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s return from the United States after his landmark phone call with President Barack Obama, media reported Sunday. One protester hurled a shoe at Rouhani as he greeted a larger group of hundreds of supporters from his motorcade, but the footwear missed.

Israeli security officials said Sunday they have arrested a Belgian businessman of Iranian descent for spying on Israel and gathering intelligence on possible terrorism targets.

Israel’s Shin Bet domestic intelligence service released photographs it said were taken from the suspect’s camera that included exterior shots of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.

The alleged spy was detained on Sept. 11 as he was attempting to leave Israel through Ben Gurion International Airport.

Senior Israeli security officials said Sunday that the suspected Iranian agent, Ali Mansouri, had made three trips to Israel over the past two years and was working to make business contacts and establish a covert base of operations, including a front company to market windows and roofing materials. The Israelis said that Mansouri was promised $1 million by Iran for his clandestine work.