TPP team heads to U.S. for talks


A group of about 10 Japanese negotiators for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, led by their chief, Koji Tsuruoka, left Tuesday to attend a meeting of top TPP negotiators in Washington.

In the run-up to a summit in October of the countries involved in the TPP free trade talks, “we will work to achieve real results,” Tsuruoka told reporters at Narita International Airport.

“There are difficult issues that remain to be resolved. The key will be whether the countries can work closely and push the talks forward,” he said.

At their meeting, to be held for four days starting Wednesday, the chief negotiators will speed up talks on 21 areas of trade with the goal of reaching a broad agreement at the TPP summit in Bali, Indonesia, on Oct. 8.

Bilateral talks on market access, which deal with tariff elimination and reduction, will also be held for four days starting Friday.