70% in poll cool to NPO activities


More than 70 percent of people in Japan are unwilling to take part in the activities of nonprofit organizations, a recent Cabinet Office survey showed.

The proportion of such people stood at 71.6 percent, up 22.7 points from the last poll, in 2005.

By contrast, people who are willing to participate in NPO activities accounted for 17.5 percent, down 26.4 points.

The June 20-30 interview survey, the second of its kind, covered some 1,790 adults nationwide. With pollees allowed multiple answers, 43.6 percent said they have no time to join NPO activities, 29.9 percent said they have no opportunity and 24.1 percent aren’t interested.

Asked if they are willing to donate to NPOs, 23.2 percent said they want to and 62.4 percent don’t. Of those disinclined to donate, 37 percent said it is difficult to see the effects and 35.8 percent said they can’t afford to give.