Brazil’s anti-disaster spending draws look


Japan is promoting public-private efforts to tap into Brazil’s expanding anti-disaster infrastructure market, as the Latin American country is facing increasing disaster risks.

The Brazilian government in 2011 announced plans to spend 18.8 billion reals (¥776 billion) on the development of disaster-prevention facilities, including a disaster-control center, weather radars and supercomputers for weather data analysis, over the three years through 2014.

Following its rapid economic growth, Brazil sees population concentrations in major cities, with residential areas spreading to hills around cities, where the risk of landslides is high. In 2011, a massive landslide caused some 1,000 casualties.

A consortium of Japanese firms, including Toshiba Corp., Hitachi Ltd., Fujitsu Ltd. and NEC Corp., aims to win a share of the Brazilian anti-disaster infrastructure market, in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Brazil is currently dominated by U.S. and French firms. Japanese firms hold advanced anti-disaster technologies but lag their overseas rivals on price competitiveness, a JICA official said.

  • Lloyd Cata

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