Top Israeli official “sick” of commemorating Hiroshima, Nagasaki A-bomb victims


A senior Israeli government official has posted online comments on Facebook saying he is “sick” of commemorations for the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings, a local newspaper reported.

“I am sick of the Japanese, ‘Human rights’ and ‘Peace’ groups” over holding their “annual self-righteous commemorations for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims,” the Haaretz daily quoted Daniel Seaman, a deputy director general at the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, as writing in his Facebook post.

Seaman, a key Israeli online public relations official, also wrote on the social networking site: “(The bombings of) Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the consequence of Japanese aggression. You reap what you sow.

“Instead, they should be commemorating the estimated 50 million Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Malay, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Burmese and other victims of Japanese imperial aggression and genocide.”

The Japanese Embassy in Tel Aviv immediately lodged a protest with the Israeli Foreign Ministry about Seaman’s post, which has already been deleted from Facebook.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his remarks do not reflect the government’s official view. Apparently taking this matter seriously, the office has suspended Seaman, according to a separate media report.

  • James Lee

    Mr Seaman is absolutely right. Firebombing also killed at lot more Japanese civilians than the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • Eagle

    Seamen might be partially right but I suspect he is missing the point as well as the Japanese.

    A. / The traditional firebombings in other places of the world killed more people.
    Also, killed many German civilians especially in Dresden where fireboms did more destruction than an A-bomb but they were aggressors, lost the war, they shut up their mouth and only opened it for apologies.

    B. / The A-bomb attack was the consequence of the Japanese aggression while the Jews suffered the more terrible holocaust for nothing.

    C. / War is war, you attack you get shot.

    D. / Japanese commemorate while they seem to have learned nothing as Abe ready to resurrect aggression and war mongering again.

    The point that both, the Japanese and Seamen are missing is that the only acceptable form of commemoration is a protest against all weapons of mass destruction, and not crying about one tragic event, for in the next war
    A-bombs — hundred times stronger than the primitive Hiroshima one — will be falling like raindrops and missiles will come in hundreds with ten nuke bomb in each missiles’ head.

    That is why every commemoration and protest is justified and that’s why the Hiroshima, Nagasaki commemoration should clearly mention and go for all victims of the war in all countries without exception, instead of an unrighteous self-pity that is humiliating and is not worthy for Japan, a loser aggressor.

    Yes, Japan should commemorate but not this way.

  • kyrifles

    Heck, the bombings of German cities killed a lot more German civilians, but you don’t see them indulging in unseemly displays of self-pity. The Japanese people really need to get over the nonsensical notion that they were the greatest victims of the Pacific War. It’s not necessary for them to indulge in breast-beating over their routine wartime atrocities, but it would be nice if they stopped fishing for sympathy.

  • Peter Fogarty

    Perhaps Mr Seaman should visit the Hiroshima Peace Park and Memorial, extrapolate what he sees with an atomic attack on Tel-Aviv and reconsider his imbecilic remarks.

  • Mark Makino

    50 million?! Is he holding Japan responsible for the rise of Chairman Mao?

  • hudsonstewart

    Yes, those women and children certainly deserved to die by the thousands for their aggression and war-like nature.

  • Murasaki

    Well my reply

    “I am sick of the jewish(israelis), ‘Human rights’ and ‘Peace’ groups” and their non-stop whining about the holocaust, personally I don’t believe anything about the holocaust or the numbers that were so called culled”

    Right going to dress up in a Nazi SS uniform and dance out side the israeli mission in Tokyo.

    If Japan Times posts this comment I would be shocked and have to say would show them more respect.

  • Refined Contradiction

    With an attitude like that it is little wonder that popular opinion of Israel is at an all time low. By the same logic … one might go so far as to say we have heard enough about the alleged holocaust … its not like any of the perpetrators are still around and none of the current generation of Israelis experienced it first hand, yet always try and use and leverage and justifications for state terrorism, here and now. I do believe Jews crucified Christ but Christians do not keep on harping on …

  • Ron NJ

    If there’s a page that Japan should take from the Germans, it is that
    some humility should be shown about the war instead of pretending it
    never happened (except with the Japanese as victims).

  • Yamatosenkan

    This guy is off on so many levels.

    1. The women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not “reap what they sow.” They were non-combatants.
    2. The number of 50 million is way off.
    3. I don’t think we need Israeli’s to teach the world about self-righteous commemorations in order to deflect criticisms of other serious matters.

  • Steaking

    Although his comments were harsh, the western world doesn’t know about the unjustified deaths, suffering and experiments the Japanese Imperial army did to the rest of Asia. All we hear about are the victims of the A-bomb. What about the victims in the Nanking Massacre? Abducted Korean slaves taken to Japan, Sex slaves, mass killings, cultural genocide? Japan outlawed the Korean language in their own country in an attempt to wipe out their culture and they were planning on doing the same to China and who knows how far? So I commend Seamon for his honesty. Japan has a lot of nerve whining about how they suffered so much, but when it comes to victims of Japan? Japan hopes we don’t know about them.

  • Heather Murray

    This guy shouldnt be in poltics. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings killed civilians, not soldiers. They didnt sow anything, they didnt do anything. They didnt choose to be in the war, it was the polticial people in charge who did. And the civilians They should be remembered as much as anyone else who perished in WWII. Who is he to say who or who shouldnt be remembered. Who is he to teach people about something that he obviously doesnt know anything about. Maybe he should go see some of the few survivors

  • Logan Robertson

    Reap what you sow?

    I wonder if he has that stance on the Holocaust…

  • Osaka48

    While the Hiroshima, Nagasaki memorials commemorate the horrendous non-combatant deaths, I don’t suppose that Mr. Seaman objects or gets “sick of” the new memorials to the WWII “holocaust” victims each year? These were innocent victims also…or do they deserve “special treatment” in the eyes of Mr. Seaman?

    Just how does Mr. Seaman separate the women, children, elderly civilians who were killed from the soldiers in Japan? Does it really make any difference?

    As a “surviver” of the holocaust (his family), Mr. Seaman displays an incredible insensitivity.

    Would he object to a memorial each year to the horrific civilian casualties in Dresden, Germany fire bombing (because they were German)…I could go on.

  • Free future for children

    This sentence is more understandable knowing these facts :

    US and Israel are “Hell-friends”. It was jude scientists that had created nuke bombs, US gave the industry power.

    In europe, the present “one-way thought” is : “In WW2, there was no victims but judes, european peoples are all criminals for ever.”
    Mossad has been created to “venge the god’s elected ones”.

    In occident, Judes and Franc-maçons rules Banks, Politics and Justice. US make wars to establish free-dom (liberal domination) and pretends Human Rights to inflict massive immigration from africa and orient in view to exterminate civilisations geneticaly and economicaly

  • StevenStreets

    Oy Vey…this is a diplomat? He needs his tongue circumcised.

  • Eagle

    Seaman is right, he just should have watched his words and express himself differently and more distinguished. Then again, he was not making his comment in a Japanese owned paper. Surely The Japan Times readers are more sensitive about such a comment.

  • shin ra

    Israel should be the ones worrying about reaping what they sow. They are surrounded by countries that want to wipe them off the face of the earth and they are criticizing another country? It’s ironic that the victims of WW2 mainly Israel and China have been the biggest violators of human rights since the end of the war. Seems like they are the ones who should be learning history so they don’t repeat it.

  • A.irani

    were not they jewish bombs ?

  • sooner41

    bombings of) Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the consequence of Japanese
    aggression. You reap what you sow. “Instead, they should be
    commemorating the estimated 50 million Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Malay,
    Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Burmese and other victims of
    Japanese imperial aggression and genocide.”

  • Viva75

    Wow, now I’ve heard everything! An Isreali who’s sick ‘self-righteous’ victims banging on about something that happened years ago. Can somebody give this two faced hypocrite a mirror please.

  • millworm

    this guy has serious problems im wondering how do they call their self mankind when they cant even stand on seeing other greifs for their losts, does it really matter if this non-combatants were japanees or jewish! im sure if there was a single jew between tolls he would busted US ass for their inaccuracy!

  • justasilentvoice

    How many other countries/cities have been bombed/destroyed by ATOMIC weapons? The world should not forget those horrible crimes against the entire humanity commited by USA and must not let this happen again. That is why those commemorations must go on. They are not only for remembering the past victums but also for preventing future ones. It does not matter how brilliant Albert Einstein was, those deaths forever will cast shadow over his name. Seaman should feel very regretful and seek forgiveness for the bigest monster in this world created by one of his fellow Jewish people. We should all learn from the horrific crimes of war-the holocaust, the atomic bombs, the never ending suffering-and strive not to repeat them. Not use them as excuses to start new ones. This is just how I feel.

  • Marina Toshich

    Dear Japanese! I live in Israel. We like you. Because of one sick person, don’t think that we all think the same!

  • Steven Lewis

    Hey Daniel Seaman, I feel the same way every time I hear or read about the holocaust or read about the fact there are approximately 38 mostly US taxpayer funded Holocaust Museums here in America. I also want to vomit every time I think that some of these Museums were built before there was a memorial for US WWII Veterans. I’d also like to hear more about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, which Israel claims it was an accident. Horsecrap! I challenge all to read up on the event.

    Oh, and one more thing; I’d like to hear more about the 60 plus million white christians who were killed by the Bolsheviks (who were mostly Jews by the way)

  • Cypriot Physician

    Daniel Seaman was just trying his best to do his job – to win friends & allies around the world. And, by putting down Japan – whom by the way is the most “faithful” to the Arab Boycott compared to say, S Korea or China – Seaman can win further support for Israel from his non-Japanese Asian audience. He just forgot that the Japanese are not completely illterate or incognizant of what gets posted online outside of Japan.