Average power bill in Tokyo to top ¥8,000 in September


The average household electricity bill in Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s service area is expected to top ¥8,000 for the first time in September, Tepco said Tuesday.

The average bill is expected to increase by ¥26 from the previous month to ¥8,004, rising above ¥8,000 for the first time since May 2009, when the current price review system began.

Electricity and gas rates are reviewed every month to reflect changes in the prices of fuel and raw materials.

Chubu Electric Power Co. , Kansai Electric Power Co. and Kyushu Electric Power Co. will also raise electricity charges for September by between ¥12 and ¥15.

The increases are being blamed on higher prices for liquefied natural gas used for thermal power generation.

The average bill for Chubu Electric customers is expected to rise by ¥15 to ¥7,568, the upper limit allowed under the current pricing system. Without the ceiling, the average would rise by ¥33.

The average bills for customers of Hokkaido Electric Power Co. , Tohoku Electric Power Co. and Shikoku Electric Power Co. will increase by several hundred yen if their price increase requests, currently being studied by the government, are approved.

Hokuriku Electric Power Co. and Okinawa Electric Power Co. will lower their charges due to falling crude oil and coal prices. Chugoku Electric Power Co. will keep its charges unchanged.

It will be the first time in six months that all 10 companies do not raise rates.

The nation’s four major gas suppliers are expected to raise their charges for September by between 26 and ¥37 per household.

September rates are based on fuel and raw materials prices in April-June. LNG prices rose 1.7 percent from the March-May period, while crude oil prices fell 1.3 percent and coal dropped 0.5 percent.