Wind farm plan for D-Day site infuriates


A French plan to set up wind turbines near the site of the D-Day landings has enraged many who say it desecrates the memory of the World War II liberators.

The proposed wind park off the Normandy coast would entail 75 windmills, each 100 meters high, and would span the areas where British and Canadian forces landed in 1944. The closest windmills will be only about 10 km from shore.

Meetings are being held across the area to discuss the issue.

“These beaches belong to history. It’s from here that the liberation of the world began. If you allow the comparison, I don’t think the Germans would permit the construction of a wind park next to the ruins of a concentration camp. These are sacred areas,” said Karel Scheerlinck, a Belgian who lives in Arromanches-les-Bains, where British soldiers landed.