Mexican president orders probe into ruckus over restaurant closure


President Enrique Pena Nieto has ordered an investigation into the closure of a popular restaurant after the daughter of the country’s consumer watchdog was denied a table.

In a bizarre episode worthy of Mexican telenovela, Pena Nieto has waded into the furor surrounding the behavior of Andrea Benitez, the daughter of Mexico’s former attorney general, Humberto Benitez Trevino.

Andrea Benitez is reported to have reacted angrily when she was told by staff at the Maximo Bistrot in Mexico City she would have to wait for a table when she arrived at the restaurant last Friday. She is reported to have threatened the restaurant with closure — noting that her father was now head of Mexico’s federal consumer watchdog, PROFECO.

PROFECO inspectors arrived at the eatery later that evening and closed down the establishment.

The episode sparked an outcry on Twitter and Benitez Trevino apologized on the microblogging site on Sunday, describing his daughter’s behavior as “inappropriate.”

“My sincere apology for the inappropriate behavior of my daughter and inspectors overreaction. Privilege only to the law,” Benitez Trevino said.

However, late Monday the Ministry of Economy confirmed that Pena Nieto had ordered an investigation into the circumstances of the visit to the restaurant by the inspectors from PROFECO.