U.S. women to get firefight redress


Two women hurt during a manhunt for a gunman who staged a deadly revenge plot against Los Angeles police have reached a $4.2 million settlement, authorities said Tuesday.

On Feb. 7, as the hunt was on for former police officer Christopher Dorner in California, Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71, were delivering newspapers. Police shot at their blue Toyota Tacoma, in what turned out to be a major mistake — the women had the same vehicle as the suspect. Hernandez was shot twice while Carranza was wounded by broken glass shards.

City attorney Carmen Trutanich and Glen Jonas, a lawyer for the women, said the settlement was reached to avoid a long and costly trial, and that the women would share the $4.2 million.

Given the mother’s age, it was preferable to avoid long legal proceedings, Jonas said.

“You think she wants to wait five or 10 years for a maybe?” he asked. “So $4.2 million means a lot more to her today than potentially $7 million.”