Most U.S. viewers using extra screens


American television viewers are increasingly finding that one screen won’t do: Almost all have a second-screen device and 87 percent use it while watching shows, a survey said Tuesday.

The NPD Group survey said multitasking consumers are splitting their attention between televisions and their laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices. But most of these viewers are not interacting directly with the TV programs through games, voting or other activities.

The most common second-screen interaction was learning about actors in a show (29.8 percent) or seeking information about the program they were watching (23.1 percent), NPD found.

The survey found PCs were the devices most used simultaneously with TV (60 percent), followed by smartphones (55 percent), and tablets (49 percent). Just 19.4 percent said they shopped for a product seen on television, and 11.8 percent said they played a game related to a show.