Parting shots are forecast after big storm kills three

Kyodo, JIJI

The Meteorological Agency on Monday warned about continued gusty winds and high waves in northern Japan after a massive, typhoonlike storm swept the nation over the weekend, killing three people and wreaking havoc on transport.

The town of Erimo in southern Hokkaido clocked maximum gusts of 141.8 kph while Shirakawa, Fukushima Prefecture, saw gusts reach 124.6 kph Monday morning.

Northern Japan was expected to be subject to strong winds through Monday night, the agency said.

A massive low-pressure system was developing near Hokkaido but was expected to move farther north, the agency said. Wind speeds were forecast to reach 72 kph in Hokkaido, 79.2 kph along the Pacific side of Tohoku and 61.2 kph along the northeastern Sea of Japan coast.

In Hokkaido, the threat of torrential rain has subsided, but the agency warned about potential surges in river levels due to snow runoff.

Three people fell victim to the spring storm over the weekend after being swept away by high waves and other hazards, according to police reports.

The storm also disrupted operations on Central Japan Railway Co.’s Tokaido Shinkansen Line for about 100 minutes from late Sunday morning after gusty winds apparently sparked a power failure.

East Japan Railway Co. also saw its Tohoku Shinkansen Line linking Tokyo with Tohoku disrupted on Sunday evening.

The storm prompted All Nippon Airways to cancel 26 domestic flights that use New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido and 20 other flights. Japan Airlines, Jetstar Japan and AirAsia Japan scrubbed a combined 12 flights.