Hiroshima oyster plant attack spree kills two; five wounded


At least two people were killed and five others wounded Thursday when a man tentatively identified as a Chinese trainee went on a stabbing rampage at a fish processing firm in Hiroshima Prefecture, police and press reports said.

The man, in his 30s, used a knife and shovel to attack several people at a Kawaguchi Suisan oyster-processing plant in Etajima, a port near the city of Hiroshima, a prefectural police spokesman said.

“The number of wounded may possibly rise,” he said.

The alleged attacker, who was not named but is apparently Chinese, faces charges of murder and attempted murder, an Etajima police officer said.

The assailant was arrested after police were alerted to “a brawl involving men and women with several people lying in blood,” Jiji Press said, adding that the suspect apparently worked at the processing plant.

The agency had earlier said the man was a Chinese exchange student.

The network TV Asahi said that the dead included the male president of the plant and a woman, and that the assailant was also wounded.

The incident occurred when about 10 people were shucking oysters at the plant, NHK said, adding the attacker was a trainee.