Spouses split on if choice was right


Some 50 percent of men in their 40s to 60s in Japan say they would marry the same partner again, but the rate is below 40 percent for women in the same age bracket, a survey by major ad agency Hakuhodo Inc. showed Monday.

Slightly over 50 percent of men said they’d pick the same partner while the same was true of 38.4 percent of women, according to the survey by the Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. unit.

The rate was lowest among respondents in their 50s, with 48.3 percent for men and 36.0 percent for women.

The poll, held via the Internet in December, received valid responses from both 1,350 men and women in their 40s to 60s.

Those responding that they would never think of marrying the same partner again was also highest among those in their 50s, at 7 percent for men and 16.9 percent for women.

A Hakuhodo official suggested some couples may become grumpy toward each other after they become empty nesters.

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