Air India pilot’s rap rant lands him in trouble


An Air India pilot faces the wrath of his bosses after appearing in a YouTube video rapping about bad pay, aging female flight attendants and canceled flights.

Titled “Air India Rap,” the homemade track starts with the pilot putting on his uniform before the start of his shift — only to be told that the flight has been cancelled at the last minute.

The lyrics, set to a looping hip-hop soundtrack, are replete with expletives and take potshots at the airline’s cabin crew.

“How do I fly with women in their sixties. They call them air hostesses, we call them aunties,” the pilot croons in the video. “People work here for a lifetime, they never retire, seeing old faces everyday gets my ass on fire.”

The video has garnered over 44,000 views so far.

State-run Air India is the country’s fourth-largest airline by market share. But its crew are often criticized by passengers for being rude while the managers are blamed for the airline’s dismal reputation. It has also been hit hard by rising fuel prices and fierce competition.

A two-month strike last year by its pilots further dented the image of the so-called Maharajah of the skies.

The rapper pilot signs off with the lines: “I am gonna serve you Air India forever — this ain’t a lie — coz I hope to see you get out of this mess before I die.”

  • Muttaqi

    It’s not that bad the rap…its true what he is ranting about…so much for the free speech…