‘Out’ gays often less stressed than straight men: study


Gays and lesbians who come out about their sexual orientation are less stressed than those who stay in the closet and are often more relaxed than heterosexuals, according to a study released Tuesday.

Louis H. Lafontaine Hospital researchers tested levels of the hormone cortisol and other indicators in homosexuals, bisexuals and heterosexuals.

“Contrary to our expectations, gay and bisexual men had lower depressive symptoms and allostatic load levels (a measure of body stress) than heterosexual men,” lead author Robert-Paul Juster said. “Lesbians, gay men and bisexuals who were out to family and friends had lower levels of psychiatric symptoms and lower morning cortisol levels than those who were still in the closet.”

  • Roan Suda

    If the findings were the opposite, this would either be non-news or would be spun in such a way as to blame “oppressive” straight society. How about a study on how “stressed” out-of-the-closet flashers are?