Smartphones quickly taking over


More than 50 percent of Japanese mobile phone users in their 20s and 30s have smartphones, according to a new survey.

The Jiji Press survey conducted last month found that smartphone users accounted for 64.8 percent of respondents in their 20s, up 22.7 percentage points from a year earlier, and 56.6 percent of those in their 30s, up 32.6 points.

Overall, 83.8 percent of the respondents said they own at least one cellphone, excluding those provided by employers. Of them, 31.2 percent owned a smartphone, up 17.8 points.

Among people in their 40s who own a cellphone, 40.4 have upgraded to a smartphone, up 29.5 points, while the rate came to 18.4 percent for respondents in their 50s, up 12.4 points.

The Dec. 7-10 survey received valid responses from some 1,300 adults nationwide.

The rate of people who don’t currently have a smartphone but plan to get one in the future topped 20 percent in all four age groups. The survey found that daily mobile phone use averaged 63.9 minutes, up by 12.6 minutes, with those in their 20s using smartphones for 159 minutes, up by 36.5 minutes.