Taiwanese may buy water from China



Officials on a Taiwan-controlled island group near the Chinese mainland said Sunday they are considering importing water from China in yet another sign of warming relations.

The move will mark another significant step forward in the improvement of ties, since the fortified Quemoy island group was a flash point during the Cold War and was shelled from the mainland at one point.

Officials from Quemoy have discussed a proposal to use ships to transport water from Xiamen, a city in southeast China’s Fujian Province just a few dozen kilometers away.

Water supplies, mostly from desalination, underground supplies and a tiny dam, are sufficient at the moment to meet the needs of some 100,000 civilians and of troops stationed there.

“But water supplies may fall short in the near future if more tourists, many of them from the mainland, visit Quemoy,” said Chen Chaur-jiung of the Quemoy County government.