More firms to raise than cut graduate hiring


Companies expecting to increase hiring of future college graduates exceeded those planning to take the opposite approach for the third straight year, according to a survey by Recruit Holdings Co.

In the survey released Wednesday, 10.3 percent of the responding firms said they expect to hire more graduates of universities or graduate schools in 2014 than in 2013, while 6.9 percent expect to reduce their hiring of such graduates in 2014.

Job opportunities are falling at manufacturers such as steelmakers and automakers but are increasing among restaurant operators and retailers, the survey found.

Recruit noted that the difference between the rate of companies planning to increase graduate hiring and that of those planning the opposite came to plus 3.4. Although the figure was down from plus 4.0 percent in the previous year’s survey, there is a “moderate recovery,” the company said.

Restaurant and supermarket chains have been eager to hire after opening more shops.

But manufacturers, including steelmakers, automakers and machinery producers, are unwilling to hire more graduates, citing the high yen and uncertainties over the Chinese economy.