FamilyMart puts full-time outlet on edge of hot zone


FamilyMart Co. will open its first convenience store in the village of Kawauchi, just 20 km southwest of the wrecked Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, next Saturday.

The company will refurbish a store previously run by a rival that closed after three core meltdowns occurred at the plant.

The FamilyMart outlet will be the only convenience store in Kawauchi. Its manager has been recruited from the village and plans are under way to hire other employees from the area.

Company officials said a mobile FamilyMart has been operating twice weekly in the parking lot of Kawauchi’s municipal offices since early November, leading to a spate of requests from local residents, as well as the government’s Reconstruction Agency, that it open a full-time store. The store will stock 50 percent more seasoning and foods than most FamilyMart outlets.