Public trust in media at record low

JIJI, Kyodo

Public trust in mass media has dropped to a record low, the latest opinion poll from the Japan Press Research Institute says.

The institute said Saturday that respondents to its survey on citizen reliance on the media awarded the highest score — 70.1 points out of 100 — to NHK.

Newspapers garnered 68.9 points, commercial TV networks 60.3 points and Internet-based outlets 53.3 points.

NHK’s score dropped 4.2 points from the previous year, while newspapers lost 3.1 points and TV broadcasters 3.5. Reliance on the Internet also fell 3 points from the year before.

All of the scores were the lowest on record since the institute began the study in 2008.

The results appear to reflect criticism that news outlets’ efforts to verify government and power company announcements is letting the public down, an institute official said.

The survey, conducted in September, canvassed 5,000 men and women aged 18 or above and drew 3,404 valid responses.