Hokkaido faces 5-10% power-saving target for winter; other areas off hook


The government is considering setting a power-saving target of 5 to 10 percent this winter in Hokkaido, according to sources.

The government hopes to prevent unexpected blackouts in the event of an emergency, such as a halt of operations at a large thermal power plant.

Hokkaido Electric Power Co. may also be asked to make preparations for rolling blackouts in case two or more of its power stations are halted simultaneously, the sources said.

The government will hold a meeting of experts Friday to collect opinions from local governments and companies in Hokkaido in the hope of finalizing the target by early November.

No power-saving target will be introduced for areas other than Hokkaido this winter, the sources said Wednesday.

Hokkaido Electric’s supply capacity in winter, forecast at 5.96 million kw, would likely exceed the estimated maximum demand by 5.8 percent even if the weather is as severe as two years ago, a particularly cold winter.

The safety margin would be lost, however, if a large thermal power plant stops.

¥20 billion Kepco debt


Kansai Electric Power Co. will issue straight bonds worth ¥20 billion, bringing its total debt since the crisis started at Tokyo Electric Power Co.s’ Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant to ¥150 billion.

The bond will carry a coupon rate of 0.606 percent and mature in three years, the Osaka-based utility said Wednesday.