Japan Post melds post office, mail delivery units


Japan Post Holdings Co. integrated its post office service and mail delivery units into a single entity called Japan Post Co. on Monday.

The company was born out of the merger of Japan Post Network Co. and Japan Post Service Co. under the revised postal privatization law, which took effect Monday. The merger is expected to improve efficiency.

Japan Post Holdings has the new firm along with Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance Co. under its wing.

The Japan Post Holdings group aims to benefit people as a comprehensive provider of services, Jiro Saito, president of the holding company, said at an event to mark the launch of the new company.

With the launch, 52 post offices will again allow customers to ask staff to withdraw money and deliver it to them, a service many requested to be resumed.

The service was halted in 2007 when Japan Post was privatized.

The new firm also aims to improve the efficiency of ordinary postal services, which have been provided by the post office unit, and services at Yu Yu counters where customers pick up undelivered parcels, which have been operated by the delivery unit.