A dozen sites proposed as nuclear cleanup storage candidates


The government on Sunday named 12 sites it wants to survey as candidates for storing radioactive waste produced by decontamination operations around the Fukushima nuclear plant.

In a meeting with prefectural and municipal officials, the central government said it wants to conduct geological surveys for the project at the 12 new sites. Three towns near the plant are already being eyed for long-term facilities to store tainted soil and other waste generated by the decontamination work.

The 12 locations comprise two in town of Futaba, nine in Okuma and one in Naraha, the officials said.

The prefectural and municipal officials were asked to comply with surveys in those locations, but they declined to give immediate replies and agreed to discuss the matter among themselves.

Environment minister Goshi Hosono said after the meeting that the central government will be flexible about using other locations if they are presented.