Men in 40s least happy, survey finds


Among all age groups in Japan, men in their 40s are the least happy, a survey by a private think tank has shown.

In the survey conducted by Dai-ichi Life Research Institute, men became happier as they aged, peaking in their 80s, while women peaked in their 60s with a steady decline after that.

The survey, released Tuesday, said men in their 30s rated their level of happiness at 6.83 on a scale of zero to 10 on average, while those in their 40s rated the lowest, at 5.51. Men in their 80s rated highest at 8.00, showing a dramatic recovery. The institute surveyed 763 Japanese men and women nationwide.

The happiness level for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s was almost uniform, but it peaked when they reached their 60s at 7.32, according to the survey. Midori Kotani, researcher at the institute, said Japanese men in their 40s likely find the challenges of raising children, work and caring for parents stressful, but Japanese women seem to relieve their stress by talking to others with similar concerns.