Firms operating abroad tend to hire more: report


Firms actively expanding overseas operations tend to employ more workers than firms focusing on domestic markets, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said in an annual report Friday.

The ministry showed the view based on a survey on business strategies of Japanese firms with overseas presence through exports, direct investment and production outsourcing, and those operating only in Japan.

The survey revealed that 16.2 percent of manufacturers with both domestic and overseas operations said they will increase employment in the three years to 2015, compared with 6.1 percent for those with domestic operations only, according to the 2012 report on trade.

In nonmanufacturing industries, the proportion stood at 32.6 percent for firms doing business abroad as well as in Japan and at 28.7 percent for companies focusing on domestic operations.

The report also stressed the need for Japanese manufacturers to strengthen their export competitiveness by making products that are expensive but sell well, noting that German products, for example, can maintain their competitiveness in the global market even when the euro rises against other currencies.