Monkey goes bananas at Shibuya Station

Kyodo News

A monkey caused a commotion Wednesday morning at the Tokyu Toyoko Line portion of Tokyo’s busy Shibuya Station, eluding more than 30 police officers deployed to catch it.

The monkey, 60 to 70 cm in length, scurried up and down pillars and climbed on top of a departure board before running onto the tracks and getting away, police said.

No one was injured and the train schedule was unaffected.

“I saw a monkey coming to the station. It jumped onto someone lining up at a ticket machine,” said Chihiro Suzuki, 26, who alerted station officials. “I was so surprised. The monkey was really big.”

A monkey was seen last week in Koganei, west Tokyo, and there was another sighting Monday in Setagaya Ward. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government said it was unclear whether the same monkey was involved in all three incidents.