Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

Viewers can be swept up into a variety of worlds during the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, showing 250 films at six venues in Tokyo and Yokohoma throughout June.

Born from a passion project of actor Tetsuya Bessho in 1999, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia has grown to a big event on the regional film calendar. Short films at the festival range from one to 25 minutes, and the 250 to be shown over the 25 days of the festival vary in genre from drama and animation to documentary.

The winner of three different competition sections — International, Asia International and Japan — will be eligible for an Academy Award nomination, making the festival an opportunity to witness the work of potential award-winning filmmakers. (Rochelle Kirkham)

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia takes place at five venues in Tokyo (Hikarie, Space O, Andaz, Laforet and Itscom) and one in Yokohoma from June 1-25. Attendees can book tickets and see the film schedule online.