‘Artpop’ or flop? Lady Gaga goes aloft for launch


Multiplatinum-selling diva Lady Gaga took off in a custom-made flying dress to proclaim a new cultural revolution for Monday’s global launch of her third album, greeted by mixed reviews.

Fighting to retain her “Queen of Pop” crown, Gaga strapped herself into the flying suit, clamped on a helmet and, wearing little else but a cut-out black leotard and knee-high sparkly white stiletto boots, took off and flew through the air at a press conference in a Brooklyn warehouse.

“Artpop” signals a return to the limelight for Lady Gaga — real name Stefani Germanotta — after she was forced to tone down her ubiquitous media presence to undergo hip surgery.

“I just want 11/11 to be a time for us all to really open our minds and project a brand-new future in communication, in technology, in visual art,” she told a packed press conference ahead of a VIP album launch party later Sunday. “It’s really not about me at all.”

She has collaborated with a number of famous artists, including Jeff Koons for the album’s artwork, showing her as a postmodern Botticellian Venus.

Gaga called the battery-operated flying dress Volantis and an “early prototype” for what could be a new dawn in travel.

She presented it as part philosophy, part science and part metaphor for herself and for the talents of young people who go unrecognized across the globe.

But when questioned by reporters, she was vague on what precise use it could ever have and on its financing, and her maiden flight was halting.

Instead of gliding from the back of the warehouse to a small platform in front of the cameras, she took off and hovered for a few seconds several times, coming to sudden halts and walking the last few steps to the podium.

“There’s so much more that we plan to do with her, so many dreams that we have for the future of travel, for communication, for technology, fashion and the arts,” she told reporters. “But most importantly today, we just wanted you to feel inspired.”

  • Zoe

    Artpop or Flop? I vote FLOP.

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  • Celso Dossi

    We could we could belong together (art flop)

    We could we could belong together (art flop)

    We could we could belong together (art flooooop)

  • Anthony Tackett

    FLOP obviously!