State looks to photograph, fingerprint all foreign arrivals

A government task force has drafted an antiterrorism plan that includes fingerprinting and photographing all foreign visitors upon entry into Japan, government sources said Wednesday.

The plan will require airlines to present a list of passengers on flights from abroad and will call for legislation to deport anyone prelisted as a terrorist by the justice minister based on information provided by other countries and sources.

The plan includes a proposal for a revision to the Hotel Business Law that would oblige hotel managers to record the nationality and passport number of foreign guests.

The government aims to put some of the measures into force during the Diet session that begins in January and plans to research and develop a system for photographing visitors similar to the method used by the United States for its foreign visitors.

Officials will also study whether it can deport anyone with a record of terrorist activities — not to the country of his or her nationality, but to the country that suffered the act of terrorism — provided a relevant criminal complaint is filed, the sources said.