Iraqi says SDF targeted for helping U.S.


A man who claims to have carried out one of the August attacks apparently targeting Japanese troops in Samawah, southern Iraq, has said he did so because the Self-Defense Forces are cooperating with the occupation of Iraq, according to local sources.

The 33-year-old man, who belongs to a local tribe, was quoted as saying he would attack the SDF camp again if instructed to do so by his superiors.

“The SDF is assisting the U.S. forces. The SDF says it came to reconstruct Samawah, but in reality the troops came to build military bases,” the man, who was not identified, was quoted by the sources as saying.

“We are fighting not just for our own sake, but for the interests of Islam and the country.”

Apparent mortar rounds hit near the GSDF camp, located some 6 km to 7 km southwest of central Samawah, on Aug. 10 and on four consecutive nights from Aug. 21. In April, the camp was apparently fired on twice, but in all of the incidents, no rounds landed inside the compound and there were no injuries.