Baseball strike could cost 1.9 billion yen

The two-day strike by professional baseball players is likely to cause economic losses totaling 1.89 billion yen, a group of researchers said Saturday.

The group led by Katsuhiro Miyamoto, a professor at Osaka Prefecture University, calculated the figure by assuming a total of 332,000 people would have attended the 12 games scheduled for Saturday and Sunday that have been canceled due to the strike.

The estimated attendance would have generated 1.02 billion yen in revenue from game tickets.

The losses also include 660 million yen that would have been earned through sales of food, drinks and other items at stadiums, based on the assumption each spectator spends 2,000 yen, the group said.

In addition, 200 million yen in revenue from broadcasts of two Yomiuri Giants games was lost, it said.

Meanwhile, the two-day strike will result in salary cuts totaling 190 million yen for players, according to the estimate.

The players went on their first strike in the 70-year history of the sport in Japan on Saturday after talks with management over realignment ended the day before without agreement.