Lawsuit over DVD version of ‘Spirited Away’ settled


A lawsuit filed by fans of the award-winning animated film “Spirited Away” against the Japanese distributor of its DVD version has been settled at the Kyoto District Court, sources familiar with the case said Saturday.

The three plaintiffs, including a Kyoto-based lawyer, agreed to drop their demands that Walt Disney Co. (Japan) replace their DVDs and give each of them 10,000 yen in compensation for disappointing them with colors they said are reddish and dark compared with the theatrical version, the sources said.

The distributor has accepted the settlement’s conditions, including that it express regret for causing “misunderstanding and confusion” to purchasers by altering the colors and clearly stating in the future if it adjusts data on DVD versions of other films it sells.

The Kyoto court proposed the settlement conditions Aug. 20.

Neither side has commented, citing an agreement between them.

The film — “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” in Japanese — was directed by animator Hayao Miyazaki and won the Oscar for best animated feature film in 2003.